Play Craps for a Living – Never Work Again!

Want to play craps for a living?  Here's how....

Want to play craps for a living? Here’s how….

So you want to make a living playing craps. While several people might discourage against this sort of endeavour, its a lot easier than you would consider. Make work and play one in the same by establishing a groove of betting and winning money. If you win big you may never have to work a day in your life again!

Of course whenever you consider making a living in the casino, you need to consider some of the inevitable downfalls that come along with gambling. Strict house edges and long cold streaks can make playing craps for a living seem an intimidating feat at first, but some experienced craps players have the game down to a science and are able to do well enough to play full time rather than work a conventional job. These people are considered professional craps players. If they are able to figure out the system and put aside their menial job, then why cant you?

Know What You’re Getting In To

One of the most important things to understand when becoming a professional craps player is that this will be unlike any other job you’ve ever picked up. In fact, playing craps for a living is more like a lifestyle than a job. Be prepared to spend several hours at a casino (online or real) with the emotional ups and downs and anxiety that comes from potentially losing your winnings. This lifestyle is not for everyone, but it can be exponentially rewarding to those who can handle it.

If you are serious about generating your income solely by playing craps, you are going to be required to invest hours of time and energy into learning the game. By becoming an expert at craps you will come to learn extenuating details of how to play. With this, you’ll know the best times to put money down and when to call it a day and stop playing.

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Knowing When You’re Finished

One of the most rookie mistakes in gambling is losing all of your money right after winning a large sum previously. While you may feel “hot” at times and have the urge to keep playing, it’s important to remain humble and accept the fortune you have already been delivered. The best way to maintain a sense of self control is walk into the casino or log onto the craps table knowing what you intend to earn, once you have reached or surpassed this amount it’s time to head out and do something else with your day.

Of course it’s easy to succumb to peer pressure, the employees, and that general feeling that you could win big and become a millionaire, but its important to stop when you’re ahead rather than sitting there an extra ten minutes and losing everything you worked for.

Control Your Dice

In most games involving gambling, winning is generally a result of luck and good fortune. However, while playing craps there are things you can do in order to increase your chances of winning. One of the easiest ways to do this would be establishing control over your dice. There are specific techniques used to influence the roll and swing of the dice, helping the odds be better in your favour. While this might sound easy and elementary, its a lot harder than it looks. Before attempting this at the casino, be sure to do some research on the correct way to do it and practice in the comfort of your own home – and obviously, this is not going to be an option at an online casino!

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