How to Cheat at Online Craps

Cheating at craps - good idea?

Cheating at craps – good idea?

Cheating at Online Craps isn’t really possible, the online casinos have done a great job locking down their software – and the fact you are not physically able to touch your chips, other players chips or the dice creates an obvious problem… However, we have complied an article with tips of how to cheat at REAL craps, though… using caution is advised!

Wherever there is money changing hands in any game of chance or gambling there is also cheating going round and cheating in craps is no exception. Despite the fact that cheating is a way of getting an advantage over others it’s very essential to note that, just like any form of cheating, it’s illegal and your main goal should be to earn as much as possible without getting caught. Below are the best techniques on how to cheat at Craps.

Making late bets

This is one of the most risky shots that anyone can ever do in craps. In essence, you wait until the shooter has rolled the dice and the results are out, then you place your bet. You can do this when things are exciting as players cheer and celebrate and as an avid cheater you can take advantage of this by placing a few more chips on the captivating bet.

Fixed Dice

Another way that one can cheat is by using a fixed dice (gaffed dice or loaded dice). Basically, it’s a dice that is specially designed with rounded edges or an improper centre of mass. The dice is shaped to specifications so that it will be in a position to land on certain numbers more frequently than others.

You will need to wait for the best opportunity so that you can switch the original casino dice with a cheat dice; common opportunities arise when a dice flies outside the table. Another opportunity is to hold the dice then be “conveniently” distracted; in that case you will turn away from the casino table then quickly switch the dice. However, you don’t need to switch it in a noticeable manner that may lead the dealer to immediately check on your crooked dice.

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Cheat Sheet

The cheat sheet for craps isn’t really a form of cheating that can land you in trouble. Basically, it’s only a simple piece of paper that show each bet along with its payout odds, true odds, probabilities, house edge and pay offs. It’s just a prompt of what the bets are and it’s more convenient for more additional data.

Setting and Controlling the Dice

This is just one of the few legal cheating techniques that are most effective. Advanced players develop and polish their skill on this and become very good at it; similar to polishing your techniques in bowling or darts. Basically, you’re making use of a fair dice and using various acceptable legal techniques; however you use a combination of dice alignments and grips together with level and straight delivery of your dice onto the casino table. Your goal is to throw the dice and land on your preferred number. The main benefit of dice control is that it’s nearly impossible to get caught unless your technique is too obvious. For you to cheat at Craps, dice control is one of the safest bet keeping in mind that practice makes perfect.

Remember, cheating is illegal! If you use our guide in a casino and get caught cheating – You’re on your own!

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